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Skuodas Municipal Public Library

About library
Director: Jonas Grušas
Address: Birutė str. 8, Skuodas LT-98116
Tel.: +370 8 440 73299

1. Library mission
Skuodas Municipal Public Library – is the regional knowledge and information society founder, the educational and cultural needs fulfiller, the cultural memory of Samogitia and Lithuania.

2. Library vision
Skuodas Municipal Public Library seeks to become a modern and leading library in Samogitian region with a large library network, publications and new technologies. Everyone who visits the library is entitled to the maximum spectrum of services: information, publications and recreation.
Skuodas Municipal Public Library was established on 1st of January 1939.The library’s fond consisted of 500 publications and there were 93 readers. As of 2008 Skuodas Municipal Public Library structure includes 18 province branches and 1 town branch. At the moment library is located in 3 different buildings: Readers Services Department at Skuodas Cultural Center, Children's section at Skuodas Art School, also Administration and Recruitment Division at 8 Birutė street.
The library has more than 73000 publications and more than 2400 users at the moment. All branches together hold more than 243500 publication copies, and their services are used by 6570 users. The library network was attended 118370 times so far and they are issuing 202030 documents a year.

Free of Charge Services:

• lending publications for use in the library and at home,
• providing the access to books from the European Regional Committee,
• answering readers' queries at the library, by phone or online,
• giving advice on how to find the required information,
• ordering publications via the Internet,
• returning publications during or after library working hours,
• ordering prints which are not available in the library through interlibrary loan (ILL) network from other libraries in Lithuania
• home delivery of publications for disabled and elderly people (on request),
• organizing of literary, musical and other public cultural events, local history, document, art and other exhibitions.

Information services: search for information online - free access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, use of computer equipment for information search and subscribed databases, computer literacy classes for library users.

Charged services:

• reader's ticket,
• copying of documents,
• scanning of documents,
• printing of documents with black/white and/or color printers,
• creating of bibliographic lists and indexes on individual request,
• renting computer classes (online reading),
• transferring of documents from other libraries through the library and international interlibrary loan network,
• binding, ligation and restoration of documents,
• publishing services,
• consultancy and examination on libraries’ issues,
• creating and maintenance of internet websites for non-profit organizations,
• commercial advertising in the library premises,
• rentals of videos and DVDs for individuals and companies for a day,
• viewing of videos and DVDs at the Public Library premises.

Skuodo literatų klubas (Skuodas Writers Club) was founded in Spring 2001 at Skuodas Municipal Public Library. Since 2006 the Writers Club is led by Gražina Daukantienė, a chief librarian of Lenkimai branch. The main purpose of the club is to concentrate on Skuodas region writers cooperation, development, preservation and maintenance of Skuodas region literary traditions. There are 18 members of the club today.
the Club’s celebrated a decade of their work in 2011. Over the years, writers club worked closely with Skuodas Municipal Public Library. The library’s administration premises are used for Club headquarter meetings, also for organizing events - book presentations and various meetings. The library also publishes books of the Club writers.


Skuodas Municipal Public Library provides publishing services. It has released 9 Skuodas region Writers Club’s books: „Po ramybės medžiu“, Ignas Raudonis „Medžianosis“, „Pavasario vėjas“, „Langas“, Gražina Daukantienė „Rudenės laimės pėdsakais“, Romalda Bridikienė „Neišdainuotos dainos“, Donatas Žvaginis „Žodis tarp durų“, Koram žemaitėškā“, „Lengvai išprotėję“ and Skuodas region writers’ works selection in Samogitian dialect „So meilė tievėške“.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 17:00
Sunday: Closed